Overview of Tardy Protocol

Philosophy: West Covina’s Tardy Protocol is designed, not to be punitive, but to create a paradigm shift in our students’ mindsets to be on time and prepared for class.

Teacher Procedures:

  • Accurate attendance for all class periods- If a student has an excused tardy or absences, the Attendance Office will correct.
  • Ongoing communication with parents of habitual tardies along with teacher-issued consequences.
  • Communication with students and parents about protocol and consequences if tardies are not corrected.

Office Procedures:

  • Communication to all parents and students about new Tardy Protocol (phone blast, website, etc.)
  • Month-by-Month report on students that accrued 5 or more total tardies- Students meeting this threshold will receive the appropriate consequences.


  1. 1st Offense: Assigned 2 lunch detentions
  2. 2nd Offense: Assigned Saturday School/ SART Contract
  3. 3rd Offense: Assigned 2 Saturday Schools/ SART process will continue (possible SARB)
  4. 4th Offense: Further administrative action


Sylvia Sanchez
Attendance School Office Assistant
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