Student Leadership

West Covina High School offers three Student Leadership programs that work together in supporting and promoting a positive school culture for all students.


The ASB Cabinet, or student government, serves West Covina High School by voicing and addressing student opinions and needs, upholding the WCHS ASB Constitution, overseeing the expenditures of student funds, raising funds through the Student Store, supporting and recognizing campus clubs and organizations, and sponsoring many school-wide programs and events.  The primary goals of ASB are to create a memorable experience for all students on campus, to promote Bulldog unity and spirit, and to grow as student leaders. ASB actively works to ensure that student activities and campus life are alive and well.

There are 42 ASB Cabinet members: 

  • 7 Executive Board Officers elected by the student body
  • 8 Class Officers elected by their respective graduating classes (2 from each class become ASB Cabinet members, traditionally the President and Vice President. Class Secretary and Treasurer are not members of the ASB Cabinet).
  • 27 appointed members selected by the Executive Board.

All ASB Cabinet members are enrolled in the Period 4 Leadership Class. The ASB Cabinet holds formal meetings at least once a week, usually during Period 4 on Thursdays in the ASB legislative chambers. Meeting minutes are available upon request. All proposals and other paperwork  must be submitted by Tuesday in order for it to be processed in the week’s meeting.

Our Mission:

We, the Associated Student Body, actively represent the opinions of the student body to the fullest extent of our ability. We accept the responsibility to be a service to the students and staff of West Covina High School. We commit ourselves to promote the ideals of the democratic process, school spirit, and campus unity. We encourage the involvement of students and staff in extracurricular activities; academic, athletic and artistic recognition; and school-wide traditions. We hold true to the values of servant leadership, integrity and diversity to better represent the student body. We cherish the concerns and questions of the student body and assure the ethical and consistent representation for all students in all forums to the fullest extent.

Link Crew

Link Crew is a freshman transition and support program led by juniors and seniors. This leadership program aims to help incoming 9th graders have a successful transition to WCHS. Starting with a one day orientation day in July, our freshmen have the opportunity to begin the school year with a fun assembly, connect with upperclassmen Link Crew leaders, tour the campus, and learn about Bulldog Country. Link Crew leaders provide support through the school year with various activities and programs.

Link Crew Leaders consists of:

  • 4 Executive Board Officers
  • 28 Appointed Class Members
  • 80+ Club Members

*All officers and class members are enrolled in the Period 4 leadership class. 

**Club members participate in summer activities, including link crew leader training and freshmen orientation, and participate in club gatherings and freshmen events throughout the school year.

Our Mission:

West Covina High School's Link Crew exists to ensure the effective transition of freshmen to Bulldog Country by providing both academic and social support.  We believe in "Students Helping Students Succeed" and are committed to be role models, team leaders, and peer facilitators.  We are dedicated to creating a supportive and positive atmosphere on our campus.  We aim to pass on the positive traditions and values of Bulldog Country that promote campus unity and school spirit.


Renaissance is a leadership program that focuses on student and staff recognition in order to promote academic, athletic, artistic and extracurricular achievement. Renaissance sponsors programs and activities that highlight the diverse culture and talent of WCHS and helps to build connections within our Bulldog Family. Key elements of this program are the Renaissance Card program, which rewards students who demonstrate academic achievement, and Academic Recognition Rallies.

The Renaissance leadership class consists of:

  • 5 Executive Board Officers
  • 32 Appointed Class Members

*All officers and class members are enrolled in the Period 4 leadership class. 

Our Mission:

The mission of the WCHS Renaissance program is to acknowledge the academic and personal achievements of our students. In addition, Renaissance recognizes staff and faculty for their ongoing, outstanding contributions to our school and students. Through a process of reinforcement, recognition, and reward, Renaissance strives to promote a positive, inclusive school culture and learning environment.

Melanie Wong
ASB Advisor
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Maya Maroun
Link Crew Advisor

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Erin Reid
Renaissance Advisor

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