Summer School


Applications for Summer School are available during Spring Semester from the Counseling Department.

General Information

  • Students currently attending school in the West Covina Unified School District will have preference over out-of-district students.

  • Attendance is CRITICAL.  Students are allowed a maximum of TWO absences.  Every absence counts—there are no “excused” absences during summer school.

  • One (1) tardy = 1/3 absence, therefore, three (3) tardies equal ONE (1) absence.  If a student is more than 30 minutes late, this counts as ONE (1) absence.

  • There will be no exceptions to the attendance policy.  Once a student accumulates a total of 3 absences, they will no longer receive credit for the class. 

  • Any school suspension will result in removal from Summer School.

  • Year course (24 days) = 10 credits. 

  • Students who need make-up classes must take those classes before being allowed to register for original credit classes.

  • IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO LET US KNOW IF THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND SUMMER SCHOOL.  There are very limited spots and a student who has secured a spot and will not be able to attend Summer School is taking up a spot that another student could use.  IF A STUDENT DOES HAVE A SPOT, DOES NOT ATTEND SUMMER SCHOOL AND FAILS TO LET US KNOW, THEY MAY JEOPARDIZE THEIR ABILITY TO ATTEND SUMMER SCHOOL IN THE FUTURE. 

  • If you wish to take Government/Economics, they must both be taken (you can not take one or the other). You will attend Summer School all 24 days, with one of the classes being taken before the nutrition break, and the other class being taken after the break.

  • All classes are dependent upon a sufficient number of students registering for the class.  If numbers are too low, we cannot offer that particular class.