Progress and Grade Reports

Progress reports are mailed out twice per semester about a week after the end of each grading period. Please view the Home page of the school's website or the Bulldog planner for ending dates of each grading period.

You can access your student’s current grades through the School Loop website/app. If you have not registered for an account please follow this link to create an account. All you need is your student’s six digit permanent ID number to create the account. If you need help creating the account, contact your student’s school counselor.

We also have Weekly Progress Reports available in the counseling office that students can ask their teachers to fill out on Fridays. These reports should be used if a teacher is not using the School Loop gradebook, or if a parent or student does not have access to the School Loop system. These reports show the student's current grade, whether classwork and homework has been completed, any missing assignments, # of tardies and # of absences.

Please contact your Counselor if you have any questions about these weekly progress reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are progress reports part of their transcript?


How many progress reports are sent out?

2 each semester before the final grades that are posted onto a student's transcript.