West Covina High School, a partnership of parents, staff, and community, recognizes and values excellence, individuality, diversity, and creativity. We are committed to the intellectual achievement, the emotional and social growth, and the athletic and aesthetic development of each student. We are dedicated to graduating students who are self-starters, technologically competent workers, lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and cooperative, effective communicators.


West Covina High School first opened its campus in 1956 on the old Covina High School campus on Citrus Ave and Puente Ave as the Spartans. In 1957, the school moved to its new campus, which was built on an old cabbage patch, on Cameron Ave and Fernwood. Blue and white were the school colors. The Spartans were led by Principal Maurice Wooden, brother of the legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden. The first senior class graduated in 1958.

Edgewood High School first opened in 1958 as a freshman school, located on the old Covina High School campus. In September of 1959, the new campus, on the corner of Orange and Merced Avenue, opened with ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students. The Trojan was chosen as the mascot and the school colors were green, gold and white. The first principal was Mr. Roscoe Vaniman and the first graduating class was in 1961.

In 1988, West Covina Unified School District merged Edgewood High School and West Covina High School, bringing all students to its current campus. The new mascot became the Bulldog and maroon and gold were chosen as the new school colors. Today close to 1900 students are enrolled at West Covina High School to continue the legacy of academic, athletic, artistic, and extracurricular excellence.


Grades Served:   9th–12th
Student Population:  1,900
School Mascot:   Bulldog
School Colors:   Maroon and Gold


Alma Mater

Alma Mater, we praise you.
Your strength makes us born anew,
From the ashes of the old world,
You've risen strong and true.
So together now as Bulldogs
We will fight to be free.
And for West Covina,
Maroon and Gold,
Will project us onto victory!
Alma Mater hear our love for you.
WCHS Bulldogs
EHS Trojans
WCHS Spartan